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WARNING: BEFORE contacting our Company, please be aware that we fight against terrorism, money laundering, fraud, false buyers, false sellers and scams. Our company follows the International Chamber of Commerce Rules and Regulations. We will forward all documents, contacts and records from any person/entity, to the Government's authorities of the United States of America and other countries, including the FBI and Interpol, if we find out that the business proposal and/or documentation and information provided are fraudulent, illegal or to support any of the above. In addition, our Company DOES NOT make business with countries, including persons and entities in those countries, that are currently sanctioned/embargoed by The United States of America.

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International Offices

Ovminas Corporation - HeadQuarter - United States
276 St, 5 Ave Suite No. 704,
New York, N.Y. 10001

Office: 212-634-4913
Fax:     212-634-4914
cell:    646-824-1594

Luis C. Aviles
Vice President

Ovminas S.R.L, S.A

Santa Cruz and Camargo.

Bolivia, S.A

Oscar D. Valencia
Cell: +59167920924

Ovminas Corporation, S.A.S
Bogota, Colombia, S.A