Welcome To Ovminas Corporation

OVMINAS Corporation, S.A.S, S.R.L is a member of a private mining consortium with private mines throughout Colombia and South America. The mining consortium holds a wide array of rare minerals and precious stones including several billion tons of Titanium laced Sand, Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Rhodium, as well as an unlimited supply of pure and unique products.

With international offices in Colombia, Bolivia, Republic Dominican, New York and Miami, Ovminas is strategically placed to become the industry leader in manufacturing, mining and commodities trading for mineral products.


Ovminas Corporation offers owners and investors opportunities in manufacturing. This allows you to maximize your investment.

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Ovminas Corporation provides investors opportunities in mine ownership and operations. 100% or percentage investment opportunities are available.

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Ovminas Corporation allows investors and owners to maximize their mine investment by providing commodity trading worldwide.

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