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Ovminas Corporation is selectively searching for qualified investors with serious interest in engaging into the exploitation, exploration and possible acquisition of our mines. These investment opportunities include holdings in Titanium and Gold. The projected global reach of commodities trading has no boundaries including investment opportunities in South America, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe. Ovminas is currently in rigorous negotiations with Chine in developing commodities trading. 

Colombia is well placed both geographically and structurally as far as the coking coal market is concerned, with an abundant amount of untapped and underdeveloped mines. The broader market looks to keep the physical prospects for coke tight, with ever increasing global steel production and ongoing demand in China.

Colombia has the largest coal reserves in Latin America, and is the world's fifth largest exporter of thermal coal, exporting high quality coal that is low in sulfur (less than one percent) and it is the second largest provider of coal in Latin America and is expected to become one of the most important contributors for the provision of quality coal.

If you are interested in exploring investment opportunities in mining and trading please content us.

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How We Help Investors

Ovminas Corporation provides global mining and trading opportunities in minerals and precious metals. Whether seeking investors in mining operations, percentage and share based ownership or outright ownership, Ovminas Corporation allows you to invest an amount that is right for you.

Ovminas Corporation provides the hand-holding investors need in dealing with internal documentation, certifications and legal requirements when dealing with the country and government of Columbia.